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Positioning Nigeria As The

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Welcome to Nigeria...Africa's leading talent hub with over 200-million young and vibrant minds with a stunning 1-million university graduates produced annually. Talents that are now being deliberately channeled for amazing productivity across diverse industry verticals through business process outsourcing and IT-enabled services.

About Us

Outsource to Nigeria Initiative (OTNI) is a private sector-led, government-enabled national job creation initiative anchored by the Presidency under the office of the Vice President of Nigeria.

Our primary goal is to present Nigeria's value proposition to the world as the preferred outsourcing destination, channeling Nigerian youth to the global market for cost-effective value-creating jobs, generating local and foreign investments, empowering our youth, and ultimately boosting the nation's economy through business process outsourcing and IT enabled services.

How We Do It

OTNI is a strategic gateway for BPO partners and employers to tap into Nigeria's vast talent pool, comprising over 200 million skilled individuals. With cutting-edge BPO facilities, robust technology infrastructure, and fully managed back-office operations, we meet global demands efficiently.

Our streamlined processes, powered by our digital platform WorkNation, facilitate seamless interactions, enabling partners to source, train, and deploy talents tailored to their needs. By joining OTNI, partners contribute to job creation, economic growth, and poverty alleviation, benefiting from a cost-effective and highly skilled workforce.

Our Strategic Steps:

National Talent Pool

National Talent Pool

Creation of an extensive database of skilled professionals and graduates ensuring that Nigeria's talent pool is tailored to meet the specific national and global workforce demands.

National Boot Camps

National Boot Camps

Setting up national boot camps across the 6 geopolitical zones of the country to herald intensive training and capacity building programs while serving as an avenue for all stakeholders to showcase Nigeria as a global Business Process Outsourcing destination.

Global Branding & Communication

Global Branding & Communication

Working with global influencers, consultants, governments, multilateral agencies, leveraging mainstream media, social media, events and sponsorships, we deploy concerted efforts to showcase Nigeria as a Global Outsourcing destination.

Talent Segmentation

Talent Segmentation

Leveraging our extensive demand-driven approach through our existing database, we are constantly identifying and curating relevant industry verticals with the potential for large scale employment globally

We also provide talents with a platform to fine-tune their professional image, employing a rigorous process to match talent with domestic and international industry verticals.

Training & Capacity Building

Training & Capacity Building

Through established partnerships with renowned local and international training institutions, we offer both online & on-premise training and capacity building programs across diverse industry verticals. This not only elevates the skillset of our workforce but also ensures that we maintain global standards of excellence.

Talent Deployment (Insourcing & Outsourcing)

Talent Deployment (Insourcing & Outsourcing)

Harnessing our strong pipeline of domestic and international partners, we deploy local talents across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.

This showcases the extraordinary talent that Nigeria possesses, on a local and global scale. In this way, we are creating millions of jobs for Nigerians, alleviating poverty and improving standard of living.

The Impact

The Outsource to Nigeria Initiative is poised to make a substantial impact on Nigeria's economy. In 5 years, we expect the following macroeconomic trends
Trigger an Estimated One Million Jobs Annually
Generate Significant FX Inflows
Increase Service Sector Contribution to GDP
Improve National Employment Ratios
Increase Export FX Flows
Enhance Nigeria’s Balance of Trade

Why Nigeria?

Nigeria boasts a unique set of advantages that positions it for dominance in the outsourcing industry:

Our Partners

Digital Platform

Worknation functions as the digital platform for the Outsource to Nigeria Initiative. It addresses talent gaps in Nigeria by aligning them with global labor and digital economy needs. Through strategic partnerships, it matches talents with opportunities on national, regional, and global levels. Worknation operates as a labor administration platform, employing an innovative skills-demand approach to bridge talent gaps in Nigeria.

Private Sector Driver

Outsource Global Technologies serves as Nigeria’s leading global business services and BPO provider. It plays a pivotal role in addressing youth under-employment challenges on a large scale, offering impact driven services worldwide. Services include general customer support, legal and medical underwriting, IT support, data services, software development, and professional services for high-impact sectors globally.

Get Involved

Ready to be a part of this groundbreaking initiative? [Contact us now] to learn more and explore how you can contribute to the Outsource to Nigeria Initiative. Together, we'll shape a future where Nigeria stands tall as the Premier Global Outsourcing Destination.`